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In today’s world, airborne pollutants surround us, both inside and outside our homes. At Zone Heating and Cooling, we conduct indoor air quality inspections to help you find the proper solutions for your household in Melbourne, Cocoa, Palm Bay, Merritt Island, Rockledge, Titusville, FL, or the surrounding areas.

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Air Cleaners and Air Purifiers: Get Help Clearing the Air

Removing airborne pollutants from the air inside your home is critical to your family’s daily comfort and may even improve the long-term health of the people you love. Thanks to modern HVAC innovations, there are plenty of effective indoor air quality products available for addressing the various types of pollutants found inside Melbourne homes. These solutions range from relatively simple air filters that trap pollutants and remove them from the air to more elaborate air purifiers.

Some devices, like whole house carbon air purifiers, trap contaminants to filter the air while others use powerful UV light systems to zap biological pollutants, either disabling them or killing them altogether. It’s important to remember that IAQ products have all been designed and engineered for specific purposes. Taking steps to educate yourself about airborne pollutants and ways to manage them is something we encourage everyone to do.

Air Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers: Finding the Balance

Too little or too much humidity inside your home can be equally uncomfortable and unhealthy, though each in its own unique way. The level of relative humidity in your living space can also affect — and potentially damage — your furnishings, possessions, and even surfaces like walls, floors, ceilings,, molding, and windowsills.

Therefore, unbalanced humidity levels need to be addressed promptly to make sure your family enjoys optimal comfort and avoids unnecessary health hazards. Achieving balanced humidity inside the house also helps to protect your belongings as well as the investment you’ve made in your home. Our IAQ experts are standing by to help you solve any problems you may be experiencing with indoor humidity.

Ventilators: Exchanging Stale Smells for Fresh Air

You and your family need a consistent supply of fresh, clean air inside your home. However, you also need to be able to remove the stale, pollutant-laden air that gets trapped inside. The simple reason for this is that adequate ventilation can significantly lower the concentration of airborne pollutants that tend to build up inside enclosed spaces.

Today’s IAQ technologies include solutions like heat recovery and energy recovery ventilators. These devices remove stale air and replace it with fresh air that’s been treated as it enters your home to conserve energy. For more information about these and other IAQ strategies, call Zone Heating and Cooling to speak with one of our indoor air quality experts.

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