Thermostat Mistakes and How to Fix Them in Palm Bay, FL

January 28, 2021

Thermostat Mistakes in Palm Bay, FL

Thermostats are important tools in controlling your home temperature. Problem or mistakes with the thermostat can lead to your HVAC system working inefficiently and causing discomfort. Here is a list of common thermostat mistakes and solutions in Palm Bay, FL.

Setting the Wrong Temperature

It is important that you set the right temperature on your thermostat to ensure you feel comfortable in your home. If you set the temperature too high, you end up overheating your home and wasting a lot of energy. On the other hand, if you set it too low, you will not be comfortable, and your house will experience uneven heating and discomfort.

The recommend living room temperature is 70°F and 64° F for bedrooms. However, these are subject to change depending on your preference. Older people or people with special conditions may require different settings.

Turning Up the Thermostat to Heat the Rooms Quickly

During the cold months, people tend to turn up the thermostat too high to feel warmer quickly. This a common mistake since the thermostat has no control over how fast your house heats up. When you turn your thermostat higher than your comfort level, you will end up overheating your home and wasting energy.

Keeping the Heat on Constantly

Another mistake you may make is maintaining the same temperature even when you are not at home. This will lead to energy wastage and increasing your carbon footprint. It is advisable to raise or lower the temperature closer to the outdoor temperature to prevent overheating or under heating your home.

Installing a smart thermostat can help regulate your home temperatures remotely and save on energy costs. You can set automatic heating schedules to lower your home temperatures after leaving your home and raise the temperatures just before you arrive from work.

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